Monday, 12 October 2015

BE in the moment and own it.

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is not art.” 
~ Leonardo da Vinci
The hound and I had a fabulous day off last week.
More than fabulous actually.
Our first Friday off in months and we made the MOST of it.
Another of those upside down reflections, turned up the right way .... just love them!

Looking far too serious ....
An early morning ramble on the beach.
Log after log after log thrown into the waves.
Catch ups with fur-buddies on the sand.
Coffee with a cranberry cookie.
... having far too much fun!
Moments like this are magical and remind me of how important the little things in life are.
Cherish them.
Our afternoon was filled with catch-ups too.
This time with Yvonne who’s moved north to Kaukapakapa.
I’m missing my bubbles and chats with her in the evenings.
The hound and I love drives out into the country though
so headed out to give her new abode the once over.
She’s found the most perfect spot.
A little piece of gorgeousness and tranquility all of her own.
The hound and I got to share in it for the afternoon.
AND take lots of photographs.
The hound LOVES Yvonne's new spot in the world
We walked and talked and ate and drank bubbles.
Bubbles in our glass and bubbles in the spa.
The perfect mix.
And so much fun.
Super chilled .... bubbles to hand and bubbles in the spa
It was a MORE than fabulous day.
And necessary after the last few months.
No, no ... hounds not allowed in spa
As I look back at this journey we’re on, 
and the obstacles we’ve overcome,
I can’t help but feel a huge sense of gratitude.
Gratitude for the support, both in the physical and cyber sense.
Gratitude for the love we’ve been surrounded with.
And gratitude for the courage we’ve found to face this journey and no, 
it’s very much NOT lion size.
I’m NOT very brave most of the time.
“We don’t know who we are until we see what we can do”
~ Martha Grimes

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