Saturday, 2 February 2013

Marshmallow fetishes ... and other such things!

I am as relevant as the moon .... and beyond.  We all are.

Even when I feel like I don’t belong or that I don’t fit the mould, I will always be relevant.  Even when I feel like I’m missing something of myself, I am ALL there.  It’s just a cycle I’m going through. I can never disappear. I can never become part of the ether because, just like that moon in my sky that sometimes seems to be missing a part of itself, I am whole and always will be.
The Pied Shag we happened upon at the reserve on Friday
I DO matter, we ALL matter.

Life matters.

I am as relevant in my hound’s world as she is in mine.  Without her I wouldn’t have walked the thousands of kilometres I have.  Without her I wouldn’t have found humour in the simplest of things. Without her I wouldn’t have had moments where I’ve laughed so much I’ve wanted to cry. She is my best friend and constant companion and I’d be lost without her.

What big shoes she fills.

I never expected when I moved to New Zealand that a four-legged chocolate brown hound would become such an integral part of my life .... but she has.

She’s the inspiration in front of my lens.  She’s the reason for our daily rambles.  She shares in my caffeine addiction and marshmallow fetish and would eat Dolly Mixtures all day if she could.  
Yes, I know they’re bad for a hound but have you ever tried telling her that?

She’s TOP dog in this household of humans and fur-balls and the feline fur-balls are happy to say that.  They MORE than tolerate her and to witness the manner in which both of them wind themselves around her legs gives new meaning to the word “love”.  These feline fur-balls love the hound in a way I’ve never witnessed before between cat and dog.

She’s opened up my world .... walks in the waves take on new meaning.  Through her, I’ve met a ‘PUDDLE’ of Labradors, each with their own distinctive personality. It’s not the correct collective noun for a Labrador but it’s just SO apt. 
Wherever there are Labradors and water, there is BOUND to be a puddle!

Each of the PUDDLE we’ve had the privilege of getting to know has their own distinctive personality. 

Sebastian - the gentleman and statesman of the Labrador Puddle.  I can still remember watching Carol walking patiently down the hill with him, at his pace,  for his daily constitutional to the beach.  I only knew him in the golden years of his life but in those few short years, he left his mark on me.  

Sam the Man - his little ‘brother’ is proving just as delightful but in such a different way. Social, engergetic and mischievous .... with a bit of a lingerie fetish .... he’s keeping Carol on the tips of her toes.

Indy - hoover deluxe. The Indiana Explorer of the Labrador Puddle who’s nose gets him into ALL sorts of trouble! He’s way too clever ... and he knows it!

Ebony - the submarine Labrador who loves chasing rugby balls and swimming ALMOST as much as my hound ... AND can carry MULTIPLE objects in her mouth!

Bessie - who always joins in the rugby ball races and log retrievals on the beach. She’ll ALWAYS bring the log back to you and drop it at your feet 'cause once more is NEVER enough!

Bella - the ADD hound of the Labrador Puddle. Bella does everything in double-quick time, even taking a wee! She’s small, agile and a bundle of pulsating energy .... sitting still ISN’T an option.

And let me not forget the Psuedo Labrador - Sha-dock.  He who wants to be a Labrador but wears the wrong coat.  We forgive you for that Shadow and love you just as you are.  You belong with our Labrador Puddle.

There’s still Barney and Pepsi ... and Lilly and Molly .... Murphy and Jet and Coco and Luca. So many Labradors .... so much diversity.

Each one as relevant as the moon.

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