Thursday, 11 July 2013

I think I have a HEAP more fun!

Most people go to the gym to exercise, Keith told me this morning.  You go to the beach and throw logs for your dog, he added.

Yep ... I do ... and I think I have much more fun with my form of exercise.

It has everything and more than what I could get at the gym.  Cardio - from all those hills I climb at double-quick time.  Weights - from all those mammoth and not-so-mammoth logs I have to toss into the waves.  Stamina - from the kilometre after kilometre I trek with a chocolate brown hound in tow.

I think I have a HEAP more fun!

I see and hear a whole heap more too.  I see the early morning sun creeping over the horizon as it tries to wake a slumbering world.   I hear the strident calls of the gulls and skua as they impatiently wait for the Baker to toss out the early morning crumbs.  GOM is as regular as clockwork as he strides sullenly along the boardwalk in his red fleece top. 

I do sometimes wonder if he has any friends.

Mornings are my favourite time of the day.  I don’t think I literally LEAP out of bed each morning but I certainly greet each day with enthusiasm.  I love that I get to share in each new day’s birth, that I get to participate in the early morning chorus as the hound and I hike up to the view site, that I get to hear the waves crashing on the shore as they relentlessly and tirelessly race up the sand.  That’s what mornings are about ... they’re a way of life, MY way of life.

My EVERY day is so much more complete after a morning ramble AND a dose of caffeine.

The hound has been taking the teeniest of rugby balls to the beach with her this week. In one way I’ve not minded as there’s been umpteen logs on the beach.  I’ve ended up having to carry the ball on more than one morning ramble because she’s found a log that she CAN’T possibly leave behind.

The log pile outside the front door is growing ... much to my other half’s consternation.  It wasn’t a problem in the other house as we had a fireplace.  There isn’t a fireplace in this house and yet the hound still brings log after log home with her.  Does she know something we don’t?

Panda took a liking to this teeny weeny rugby ball today and bit a chunk out of it.  That’s the problem with hounds that don’t have gentle mouths like my girl.  They’re inclined to seek and destroy the hound’s rugby balls ... bit like a heat-seeking missile!  The hound didn’t mind.  She was burying a log in the sand and Panda’s minor misdemeanour was of no concern to her.

Panda just wanted my girl to chase him ... isn’t that what ALL boys want?

“You’ll know when a relationship is right for you.  It will enhance your life, not complicate it.” 
~ Brigitte Nicole

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