Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Puddles .... great BIG deep ones!

Puddles .... great BIG deep ones!  I love them ... and so does the hound.

I cannot believe that I ever wanted to grow up.  Jumping in puddles brings back so many memories ... not just of MY childhood but also of my children’s childhood.  I have so many vivid images in my mind of us walking in the rain .... raincoats on, gumboots on .... ALL of us JUMPING in the puddles!

Who said jumping in puddles was only for kids!

It’s probably a good thing there weren’t too many souls out this morning as the hound and I hiked to the view-site. They might have questioned my sanity. 
 I think the hound did.

The heavy storm clouds that appeared out of literally nowhere dumped their contents on us. Thank goodness I always carry a raincoat in my backpack AND that the backpack has a waterproof cover.  It wasn’t JUST the hound that was drenched  today. 

There were rivers of rainwater everywhere!  All those gorgeous autumn leaves that we’d seen swirling and dancing in the early morning breeze were carried away. Off they went, twisting and turning down the drain to goodness knows where.

The rivers of rainwater gurgled and burbled as we made our soggy way back down to the beach.

No wonder we hadn’t heard our usual bird choir serenade .... they’d all taken cover when they sensed the storm coming.  No soggy wings for them.

They weren’t the only ones who’d taken cover from the storm.  Indy and Julia had too.  That storm has a lot to answer for .... it kept a lot of my fellow humans with hounds off the beach. 

Not Sam thank goodness.  He was leaping out of his skin trying to drag Carol down to the beach.  Bringing the Chiefs ball to the beach is the signal for Sam that the hound and I are going to be there .... and he can’t wait.  He can’t get there soon enough. 
Aussie he might be, but dumb he is not.
Mondo's found his water legs and races into the water with the two of them.
These two hounds have this morning routine down pat.  They know they’ll get to fling themselves in the waves first chasing balls and logs and then dig their tenches in the sand whilst we satisfy our caffeine addiction.  

Well ....my hound knows that .... Sam’s still learning.  He wanted MORE than just the dregs of my caffeine fix today and tried to help himself as we sat down.  He knows I put my coffee down whilst I take off the backpack and camera.  Quick as a flash he was there ... but I was quicker!  Cheeky Aussie!

The rain’s been persistent today.  Our interlude on the beach was bought to an abrupt end by ANOTHER heavy downpour and we had to seek shelter across the road.  Sam’s never ready to go home though and despite the inclement weather, wanted to go BACK to the beach.

I reckon, with all this rain, we'll have MORE puddles to jump in tomorrow!

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
~ Roald Dahl

Maggie, the 5 month old Boxer
Racing down at full tilt to intimidate a fellow hound ...
She stops abruptly and showers sand over the terrified hound.
No bridge, no city, no Sky Tower .... all hidden by the approaching rain

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