Monday, 10 June 2013

My rugby-ball carrying, log-retrieving hound was on National TV today!

So I DIDN’T walk the hound this morning.

Watching tennis at 4am in the morning can do that to a girl.  I knew it wasn’t going to be the most exciting of ends to a tournament but I didn’t want to miss it.  The semi-final against Djocovich was a far more masterful exhibition of tennis, a far more equitable contest than the final against David Ferrer.  He just doesn’t have what it takes to beat Rafa on clay.
One of the Sparrows that shared in my croissant on Sunday.
My man won though so I’m SMILING.
Sunny ramble on Orewa Beach after my market on Saturday
The hound couldn’t understand why I WASN’T leaping out of bed before the sun rose this morning.  It’s Monday and we ALWAYS  ramble early on weekdays.  She’s forgotten that last time this year she was ALSO deprived of her early morning ramble.  Once again, I’d been up in the wee hours indulging in an eye candy marathon.  It’ll happen again in a few weeks time.
Orewa Beach again
The oldest lemming offered to take her to the beach, but only after he’d allowed her to leap enthusiastically onto the bed and wash my face awake!  I blearily bade them farewell and settled down for another hour of zzzzz.

Who would have expected that they’d end up on Breakfast TV!

Apparently there was a film crew on the beach filming the gorgeous morning weather ... yep, my little piece of paradise looked AMAZING this morning.  COLD but amazing!  Sam Wallace, the Weatherman for TVNZ Breakfast saw her fetching and carrying her LOG and asked the oldest lemming if they could film her.

Click here for video clip.

They might have called her a HE instead of a SHE but she was instantly recognisable.  As I walked round to get my coffee after getting to work I was stopped and told that my hound had been on TV.  I HADN’T seen the clip but they sure had.  They knew EXACTLY which hound it was as there’s only ONE hound in THIS village that carries and retrieves LOGS so addictively.

What a start to a week!

Gorgeous days always precipitate gorgeous sunsets and tonight’s was no exception.  I truly live in one of the MOST amazing spots in the world.
This evening's sunset .... too gorgeous.
Orewa Market
Some of the different hounds I've photographed.

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