Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The business of being busy.

The ripples in the pond create the MOST amazing reflections  ... just love it!
Busyness is a CHOICE.
I choose to be busy.
Both “lively and meaningless” busy and 
“serious and with intent” busy.
It stops the mind from wandering into territories unfruitful.
It creates conundrums though that are difficult to solve.
There are after all ONLY 24 hours in a day.
Prioritising has become the new norm.
Whilst rambling hasn’t ceased
cataloging and editing all the photos I snap has.
With the return of a colleague from long leave next week,
I’m anticipating that cataloguing can begin again in earnest.
Just in time for the summer markets,
of which there are many.
I LOVE the markets.
Having a little kerfuffle with Fern in the waves
and yes .... "kerfuffle" is a REAL word.
As daylight saving kicks in, so has the sunshiny weather.
Blue skies, cotton wool clouds and sunshine!
A vitamin D overload.
I’m not complaining.
A happy hound and a happy snapper go hand in hand.
Despite the hours we’re working we’ve rambled far and wide.
The Tamaki Estuary 
Panmure Basin 
Churchill Park
Point England Reserve
 and my very favourite beach!
Variety is the spice of life they say.
I think the hound agrees.
I said
"Do NOT go in the water"
She said
"What water?"
I said
"THAT water"
She said
"Ohhhh .... THAT water ..... ooops."
I’ve needed these fun and fabulous rambles.
I’ve needed to soak up the sunshine and reflections
and bask in the beauty of the unexpected.
Like this Shag this week..
Everything was perfect
It was a light, camera, action moment.
He popped out of the waves to grace me with the most magnificent shot.
All I had to do was press the shutter.
Perfection in an imperfect world.
This is what I like about photographs.  
They’re proof that once
even if just for a heartbeat
everything was perfect.”
~ Jodi Piccoult
This week's super moon was AMAZING. 

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