Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fingerless gloves: an oxymoron of sorts.

Winter arrived on Monday.
With a vengeance!
We’ve all been enjoying our sunshine and summer so much
that we forgot about the cold toes and fingers that accompany wintery weather.
Bring on those fingerless gloves!
Yes I know.  An oxymoron of sorts.
Almost overnight summer has ended and winter begun.
My adopted city does it with so much panache.
This last week has been wonderful, even with the arrival of winter.
It’s been beyond busy but in a manner that boosts my bounce.
Proof that a semblance of sanity does still exist in my world.
Catching up with all and sundry on a Friday morning reinforces that.
Even the gloomy weather couldn’t derail the love and friendship on the beach.
So many hugs.
So many smiles.
It was a great way to start a weekend that was full to the brim with markets.
As the hound dug trenches to everywhere I engaged in conversation with passers-by.
Everyone LOVES to talk.
As do I.
We’ve discussed the weather.
The on-going repairs to the phartmobile.
The possible demise of the John Campbell show
The rugby
Village politics
The price of my favourite tipple.
It’s all so normal.
And necessary.
And adds order to a manic world.
Aunty Yvonne lent us her woofmobile yesterday so the hound and I headed to Churchill Park.  
She was on her best behaviour as she didn’t want to wet or muddy the woofmobile. 
 She’s quickly learnt that wearing a coat means you can’t swim.
Even when the temptation is huge!
There are cows to talk to though.
And other hounds.
And ducks.
And balls to drop into creeks.
It was a satisfied hound and human that returned home from our ramble.
We traversed the whole of Churchill Park.
Up hill, down dale.
Over creek.
Through gates too numerous to count.
Considering that Churchill Park is over 40 hectares in extent,
it’s understandable that the hound was soon conked out on the bed fast asleep.
Afternoons like this feed me.
I get lost in the magic and forget about time.
Life might not be exactly as I’d have it but that’s ok.
“Wholeness does not mean perfection: 
it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life.” 
~ Parker Palmer

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