Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Chaos still reigns

A road without a few challenges, rarely takes you anywhere.
The roads I ramble have been emptier than usual of late.
Particularly this morning.
Houses stand empty.
Curtains closed.
A forlorn look to them as New Year approaches.
Even the furballs we normally chance upon are conspicuous by their absence.
The hound’s disappointed.
She loves her meet and greet morning furball moments.
The furballs don’t always share her enthusiasm.
Madills Farm, usually knee deep in hounds, was empty.
The lack of bodies to meet and greet left room for thought.
I can only breathe a sigh of relief as I look back on the turmoil of 2014
That we’ve made it to the end intact is testimony to the resilience we have.
2015 can only be better.
Having that thought in my head though got me thinking.
Yes 2014 has had it’s share of turmoil as have the 3 years since April 9 2011. 
It’s not ALL been bad though.
We’ve discovered strengths we didn’t know we had.
So much good has still happened.
So much happiness still exists.
So many friends have been rock-solid.
Our lives are blessed in so many ways.
Chaos cannot diminish that.
Yes, the festive season has been a struggle.
I haven’t wanted to socialise
I haven’t wanted to conform.
There was no Christmas Tree in The Flat @ No. 14.
The first time in forever.
Tonight though, as I watch the sky over my adopted city light up as the New Year is ushered in, 
I’ll raise a glass to myself and the lemmings
and the manner in which we’ve conquered 2014.
Chaos still reigns 
Insanity still prevails
but giving up ISN’T an option.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” 
~ Anais Nin

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