Thursday, 30 October 2014

Guilty pleasures .... NOT.

I had the most fabulous day at Mission Bay Art and Craft Market on Monday. 
Exhausting but absolutely fabulous
It had everything a good market should have.
The most amazing selection of stalls, marvelous organisation and plenty of friendly punters.
Best of all, it DIDN’T rain!
Despite the exhaustion I’ve been grinning like a Cheshire cat.  
Tigger was very definitely IN the house AND bouncing.
Doing a bunk on Tuesday sounded like a seriously sinful idea.
Yes, there’s work to be done.
And NO, after THIS market, I don’t feel guilty about bunking.
With two hounds and a partner in crime in tow, 
we escaped suburbia for the delights of the Botanic Gardens.  
The overcast and drizzly weather deterred all but the most stalwart of ramblers.
They don’t do rain. We DO.
NOT that it rained.  
Threatened maybe, but didn’t make good on it.
Long rambles have been in short supply this last week so the hound was delighted.

In her excitement to get underway though, 
she forgot to relieve herself before leaping in the car. 
On arriving at Julia’s  she jumped out looking for a patch of grass.  
Julia’s home is at the end of a long concrete driveway with no garden or lawn to speak off.  
In the middle of the driveway are  two tiny patches of grass
 ... each no bigger than a 20cm square.
It’s not every day you get to see a large chocolate brown Labrador squatting over a 20cm square of grass.

It was the most magical of mornings.
An overload of scents, sights and sounds.
The rose gardens are always my favourite.  
Not just for the delicacy of the blooms and the amazing colours, 
but the scents too.

I MISS my rose garden.  
More than what I possibly realise.

Spring flowers are out in abundance. 
A kaleiodoscopic riot of colour everywhere. 
There might not have been much sunshine in the sky 
but there was no shortage of sunshine around us.
Food for the soul doesn’t get much better than this.
"Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place."
~ Rumi

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