Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Words are just words.

“Words are just words until you give them the power to affect you.” 
~ unknown
Early morning in my bay ... just gorgeous.
Would that I could put into words the stillness that envelopes 
the ocean as the tide’s pulled away from the shore.  
Low tide rocks
No more crashing of the waves. 
No more racing up the sand.
The silence of the waves is palpable
I want to reach out my hand and touch it.
I want to hold my breath and make it last forever.
My world.  
It's not often we get close to these little guys ... they're so skittish but this one was day-dreaming.
Just like my life.
Just like anyone’s life.
Typical ... disappear up onto the street lights when I get too close.
Don’t for one moment think you’re immune.  
No one is.
... but I'm persistent
The rate of change for some is faster than others.
More significant.
More noticeable.
Like mine.
The sanctity of sunrise and that morning ramble are ‘me’ time.
A selfish necessity in a world gone awry.
An hour or two to indulge myself and the hound.
That rising sun breaths new life into every fibre of my being.
As an early morning riser I get to witness Mother Nature put on this magical multi-colour spectacle EVERY day ... not just now and again, but EVERY day.
It makes life manageable.
 There were tears this morning too.
NOT for me and the insanity that is life 
but for the memory of a giant soul no longer with us.
The middle lemming, in her worldly travels, 
has visited her maternal Grandad in his resting place.  
She’s been in his presence and shared our love with him.
I felt it.
I felt his strength.
I felt his love.
A moment like NO other.
“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself
 ... it has no survival value; 
rather it is one of those things that GAVE value to survival.” 
~ CS Lewis

Trying to catch them in flight is nigh on impossible ... they're so fast!
Tonight's full moon, hidden in the clouds.

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