Friday, 8 August 2014

There's something seriously delicious about goose poop.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
~ W.B. Yeats
The rather shy Song Thrush
From gorgeous blue-eyed geese, daft ducks and spunky sparrows to seriously elegant swans, Western Springs Lakeside Park has it all.  
I had MORE than my fill of feathered friends on Tuesday afternoon.  
It was magical!
I just love their blue eyes
Navigationally challenged me didn’t realise Western Springs Lakeside Park was so close to the specialist vets.
Had I known it was overflowing with birdlife, 
I’d have stopped there EVERY time.

It’s one of those vibrantly thriving green belts that Auckland does so well.

The natural spring-fed lake is one of the city’s earliest water supplies.  

It’s also a refuge for the native Orea (Eel) and they’re easily seen trailing the swans and geese around the lake. 
Synchronised swimming
It’s the perfect place for the hound to have a short ramble after laser treatment.
Except for ONE thing.
She likes to eat the GOOSE POOP.
And there’s a LOT of it there.
As quick as I try and walk her across the grass, 
she’s snatching up these little delicacies faster than I can move her.  
There’s obviously something SERIOUSLY addictive about  GOOSE POOP.
Not that the Geese are keen on her eating it.
“It’s MINE” they hiss as she grabs another mouthful.
The only time the Black Swans hiss is if she gets too close to their babies.  
One Daddy Swan was taking his parental duties very seriously.  
She SO nearly had her nose nipped!

Breeding season is in full force at the lake and the Black Swans have become quite territorial.

There was much aggression on display, which is odd as swans are monogamous birds and mate for life. 

The only difference between male and female is size so I wasn’t sure if it was male on male aggression or male on female aggression.  Apparently some swans are homosexual.  They’ll either steal eggs, or form a temporary threesome with a female, to obtain eggs.  After the female has laid the eggs, they’ll chase her away.
How cunning is that!
Their wingspan is HUGE, and I for one would be TERRIFIED 
if a swan came charging at me with it’s wings fully outstretched!
They are the MOST photogenic of birds though and had no qualms
in paddling right up to the bank to have a closer look at the hound AND I.

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