Friday, 15 August 2014

There's a demon in my laptop.

That gorgeous Super Moon rising in my sky at sunset on Sunday
“Run your fingers through my soul.
For once, just once, feel exactly what I feel.
Believe what I believe.
Perceive as I perceive.
Look, examine and for once, just once, understand.”
~ author unknown
Reflections on a cloudy morning ... only the seagulls understand why I love this.
I know not the demons that inhabit the minds of others 
but I sure know the demon that inhabits my laptop.
The moon the night before it was full
It’s a little green goblin and it’s jumping up and down in glee
at my ineptitude with the inner workings of this machine it calls home. 
My laptop has been AWOL since Friday last week.
and another one of the super moon ... the view site was a great spot to see it rise.
Pity about the clouds that stopped us seeing it breach the  horizon.
I have been beyond frustration.
The goblin has merely sniggered and done its utmost to further frustrate me.
The sunset was gorgeous on Sunday when the Super Moon was rising.
Technology is wonderful.
WHEN it works.
Even Browns Island had pink clouds over it.
The malfunction of my laptop has been the proverbial straw that 
broke the camel’s back.  
Tears of frustration and despair have not been far from the surface.
This is NOT how one conquers a seemingly indomitable mountain.
Trying to schedule the hound’s treatments around work and 
markets and visiting the significant other is a minefield.  
Now add to that the inconvenience of the laptop having a mental malfunction 
and I’m left wondering when I’m going to malfunction too.
Indy on the beach last week
Or have I done that already?
Stopped to show Callum the Llamas on the way back from Springhill on Sunday
Times like this are WHY I ramble.
Nature RULES on a ramble.
Gone are the drumming of fingers on the desk as I impatiently wait 
for the laptop to perform the next step in the recovery process.
Gone is the little green goblin that sniggers.
Gone too are the evil thoughts in my head.
Another of the reasons why I love sun rise and low tides.
Nature soothes.
I even had rainbow reflections on Thursday morning.
It’s in these moments of deep vulnerability that a ramble is MORE than necessary.
Each step I take is a conscious one.
As each foot sinks into the sand, I sink further into my thoughts
and into the happy place that the sand and waves represent.
3 of the things I LOVE.  Full moon setting, the pink clouds of sunrise and a rainbow!
Nothing is insurmountable when the mind is goblin-free.
Yesterday morning's moon ... already disappearing
Not impressed with her battle gear.

“In solitude there is healing.  
Speak to your soul.  
Listen to your heart.  

Sometimes in the absence
of noise, 
we find the answers.” 

~ Dodinsky
The hound in her bionic gear ... has to be worn 24/7.
She DOESN'T like it.
My mate Coops on the beach

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