Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Patching up the cracks.

She got to catch up with her buddy again today.
“You have to be stronger and more persistent at turning every 
negative that comes at you into a positive.
There is always a silver lining.
It’s just somewhere out there beyond the horizon.
Patience will pay dividends in the end.”
~ Fresh
I need to keep on being me.
The world will adjust to my peculiarities.
Of which there are many.
Traipsing through the mudflats after Kingfishers is one of them.
Getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise is another.
Supporting my Sharks from the arse end of the world is one too.
Moments like this feed my soul
and I have a soul that’s been in sore need of sustenance of late.
I had an all fall down this weekend.
All the angst and stress that we’re dealing with got the better of me.
It led to a “woe is me” moment.
More than a moment actually.
It’s taken a day or two to pull myself back in line.
To patch up the cracks.
I need to get with the program.
There’s work to be done and a home to be found.
And Kingfishers to be photographed.
Yes, the world keeps turning
no matter my state of mind.
It’s addled but that’s MY kind of normal.
Reminders to self:
Live in the moment.
Enjoy the simple things in life.
Never let your fear decide your future.
And lastly
just BE fabulous!
“In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks.” 
~ John Muir

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