Saturday, 19 July 2014

Frozen fingers.

Early morning reflections as we head across to Birkenhead
“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.” 
~ Rumi
So much frost on the grass!
I am a living breathing ice-block!
It has been freezing today.  
Well, as freezing as my little city can be.  
Which is not normally THIS cold.
Even the oldest lemming
 ... he who LOVES winter weather, found it unusually cold.
Highbury House where the Birkenhead Artisans Market is held

Frozen fingers were the order of the day.
Particulary at the market we participated in at Birkenhead.
I so enjoy this little market!
It’s in a lovely spot and has a magical feel to it.
I had to remind myself today though that these markets are also about exposure and not JUST about sales.
Plenty of positive feed-back but no sales.
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” 
~ anon
It’s been an unusually cold week.  
Clear skies and snow in the south have made for bitterly cold days and even colder evenings.
Electric blankets have been necessary.
A cuddly blanket even more so.
It was so cold today that the hound borrowed my scarf.
Red is SO her colour!
The hound likes my cuddly blanket almost as much as I do and has crept
 .... as silently as a large Chocolate Brown Labrador can creep ....
into my bedroom and onto my bed in the middle of the night.
He's feeding her our delicious roasted nuts
The long drawn-out sigh as she settles down on the blanket is reason enough to leave her there.
My bed has become her podium of choice when left home on her lonesome.
A short sharp bark is her greeting when I return home from work or a ramble.
She doesn’t jump of the bed to greet me ... just barks.
The kind of bark that says “I’m here!”
I know just where she’s going to be
and I KNOW she’ll have eaten the kitties’ food.
Payback for NOT taking her on a ramble.
SOME things just don’t change.
My beach on Friday ... glorious blue skies and sunshine.
Aerial warfare between the Yellow billed Gulls and the Red billed Gulls.

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