Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A perfectly IMPERFECT world.

 "If the wind will not serve, take to the oars." 
Latin proverb
When you’re roused from your slumber by the melancholy wailing of foghorns, 
you just know it’s going to be a misty morn!
Yesterday didn’t disappoint.
Mist as thick as pea soup shrouded EVERYTHING.  
If the hound had of been with me, 
she would have disappeared from view the moment her feet touched the waves.  
No Rangitoto.  
No Auckland City.  
No ferries criss-crossing the bay.
NO Wind.
Just calm invisible waters with wisps of mist blanketing the stillness.
The Shag were still fishing.
I caught the occasional glimpse as he bobbed to the surface 
scanning the waves in search of breakfast.
The Seagulls were still scavenging
Weekends provide more sustenance in the sand than weekdays.
A lone kayaker ... braver than us ... joined the shag as he slip-slapped his way back to shore.
He was scarcely visible, just the sound of his paddle disclosing his presence.
Mist creates a silence of a different kind.
I love it.
My world from another perspective .... an eerie but mood-filled perspective.
There’s a comfort in the silence and the all-enveloping fog.
Indy, wondering where his mom has gone.
Sammy, the 3 month old Samoyed with Willie

It’s the first morning this winter that the mist has been SO all-encompassing. 
It hid Rangitoto from view ALL morning and finally lifted at 1 in the afternoon.  
Seriously misty mornings USUALLY pre-empt a beautiful day.
Someone read the manual.
 Blue skies and sunshine were ours in abundance today.
My rambles this week HAVEN’T been without canine company.
Tim and Amanda have a busy few weeks ahead of them so their hounds, 
Nukes and Kea
are joining me on my rambles.  
Nukes (aka Manuka)
Nukes is SO like the hound ... but in Golden Retriever clothing.
NO waves are TOO cold and balls should be chased.
The hound’s a little disconcerted by the scents on my person on my return.
Nanu ... he's not as grumpity as he looks!
Life right now isn’t perfect but, 
in it’s very own way, 
it’s perfectly IMPERFECT.
And that’s ok.
Look what I found on the beach
... a Son and a Sun!

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