Friday, 11 July 2014


"Don't let them think that we've broken down;
That we've cracked up.
We merely dropped leaves,
For a further spring."
~ Rumi
My attempt to show how windy it was didn't work.
My hair had been blowing everywhere but
 the yacht club's too sheltered to show it!
Ah Rumi.  So much sense every time.
It's been a week of grey skies and gale-force winds.
Time for some SUNSHINE!
Would that I could so easily make sense of this wind!  
It’s high time it went and blew somewhere else.
My little world has had enough! 
Sand, sand everywhere .... not JUST on the beach!
Wild waves and sand-swept roads have been the norm this week and they make my topsy turvy world even more confusing. 
Even when my world’s turning upside down and spinning around though, 
Rumi’s words of wisdom touch a chord.  
This is what living is all about.
Even the pathways were covered in sand.

This is the pile of sand that was swept off the road by council workers.


Boxes of crystal and an empty cabinet
.... all ready for collection.
This week saw me packing up a lifetime of memories in my crystal collection.
As I packed each piece carefully in it’s box I remembered when and where I’d bought it. 

 Most of it was bought to commemorate a special event or momentous occasion.  
I have so enjoyed and cherished this little obsession of mine, 
but the time has come for it to grace someone else’s home.

She's just caught sight of some buddies on the beach.
It’s that dropping leaves thingy that Rumi talks about.
Co ... aka The Infidel
When there’s a need, there’s a way.
The hound's vet bills are mounting.
I have the werewithal to meet them with the sale of the crystal and the cabinet.
Achmed .... aka "the cat who lived" ... aka Shimmer
Ruler of the roost even though she's only with us temporarily.
After x-rays, an ultrasound scan, blood tests and tests of the fluid in her joints 
we finally have a diagnosis for her lameness.
The most gorgeous of donkeys that we met on Thursday
It’s complicated.
It involves both the elbow joint AND the shoulder joint.
A bit grainy as it was taken with my phone.
Where we all sleep on the bed .... gets a bit crowded at times.
She has a bare shaved shoulder ... all the better for the laser treatment that’s to come.  
We don’t notice her muscular frame when it’s covered in fur but it’s all too obvious when the shoulder’s bared.  
The sun DID try to phone this morning.
She has NOT an extra ounce of fat on her. 
It’s all muscle.
Exercise restraint is necessary whilst she’s undergoing the next 4 weeks of treatment.
How does one explain that to a Labrador?  
These donkeys were just TOO cute.
Keeping her on lead on the beach when all her buddies are bounding up to say hi is nigh on impossible.  
She might not be the only one requiring therapy at this rate!
This was Harry
“Let the beauty of what you LOVE be what you do.” 
~ Rumi
... and this is the kitten that lives with the donkeys 

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