Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sleek ... wet ... alert.

Winter has FINALLY arrived! 
Our coldest morning of the year so far and it's a chilly 3 degrees.
Outside that is.  
Inside, and in my bed, is MUCH warmer.
Snuggling down under the duvet on a morning I don’t have to work is glorious.
We DID ramble slightly later this morning, not because of the weather though.
I had letters to post and parcels to send and the PO only opens at 8.30.
The hound WASN’T impressed.
The sun’s shining .... GLORIOUSLY.
The beach is calling .... LOUDLY.
The rain and wind is ... NON-EXISTENT.
Unlike this weekend when the wind took issue with my gazebo.
It tried to escape, the gazebo that is, and the middle lemming and I clung on for dear life as the wind whipped and whirled throughout the morning.
THIS morning everything felt different though.
After a hectic few days and serious sleep deprivation,
 I woke feeling right with the world
Feeling right with ME.
Having my head in a good space is seriously cool.
We drew messages in the sand,
shared an almond croissant and a caffeine fix
and cogitated on the sins of the world.
NOTHING is too much to handle on mornings like this.
It’s wicked sitting on the sand with the sun warming 
your face as the rest of the world goes about it’s busyness.
The hound and I can just BE
and we LOVE it.
I did some SERIOUS stalking of my Kingfisher family.
When you see the HIM and the HER together like this,
the differences are marked.
He fluffs himself up against the cold, keeping a beady eye on me.
She’s in hunt mode .... sleek .... wet .... alert.
Much like the hound where logs are concerned.
Moments like this NEED to be stored in my memory bank forever.
No words could EVER describe them adequately.
They just ARE.
HAPPY moments.  
It’s what I bring to life.
“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, 
but on building the new.” 
~ Socrates

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