Monday, 12 May 2014

No TWO are ever the same.

 “Live for the moments you can’t put into words.”
~ anon.

For a brief 10 minutes in time my world is imbued with a touch of magic.  
That’s how long it takes for the morning sun to rise high enough in the sky 
to dissipate the pink glow it adds to my world.
It’s beyond magic and fills me with awe.
No artist could ever create the kaleidoscope of colours that Mother Nature 
paints in the sky each and every day.
No two are EVER the same.
The hound is a philistine.
She DOESN’T appreciate the magic.
10 minutes of sky watching equates to 10 minutes less wave wallowing.
Sky watching vs wave wallowing?
In her eyes it’s NO contest.
Wave wallowing wins hands down EVERY time.
Mist, mist and MORE mist ... just like being back in the Midlands
Her impatience is palpable.
Every muscle in that body poised for movement.

Wave wallowing must wait today though
I need to soak in that sunrise.
I need to FEEL the start of the new day.

In the solitude there is comfort.
It’s been a hard weekend emotionally.
Our first visit to the significant other since he’s been incarcerated, 
and on Mothers Day to boot.
It’s not a situation one ever expects to find oneself in.

Tears were shed, all-enveloping hugs shared.
The pain is real and the hurt immense
but, as with all things in life ... transitory.
I’m so glad the first visit’s over.

"Life is short.  
Kiss slowly
laugh insanely
love truly and forgive quickly."
~ Paulo Coelho

Oh yes ... something she's NOT supposed to have.
I was under strict instructions NOT to let the hound have the bear.
She DIDN'T listen.

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