Sunday, 18 May 2014

I am a beautiful, messy, screwed-up human being.

I am a beautiful, messy screwed-up human being.
Just as we all are.
I attract to me, other beautiful, messy screwed-up human beings.
Some of them don’t realise that they’re like that
 ... so I tell them.
A  crested pigeon
They make my world rock.

Whether they be friends in the real world, or real friends far away in my cyber world,  they are the rock my house is built on.  
It would be a very shaky house indeed were it not for the support of these 
very human, very messy, very screwed-up peeps.
Zebra Finch ... they move SO fast!
They make wild animals look tame
I do love them, warts and all.
An Emu
As most of you know, I’m PASSIONATE about capturing moments.
They’re never posed, never planned.
They just HAPPEN.
Rainbow Lorikeet
So when I get invited to the ZOO for the day, you just KNOW there could be magic
.... especially in the AVIARIES.
I do have mixed feelings about zoos though
 ... their necessity or otherwise.
Spider Monkey

Whilst our modern zoos have elevated habitat emulation to an art, they’re still confining wild animals in an unnatural environment.  
Their attempts to relieve boredom and stress by offering 
challenging activities aren’t always that successful.
Ring-necked Lemur

During our 6 hours at the zoo, we witnessed several animals 
exhibiting a repetitive type of behaviour congruent with said boredom and stress.
  It’s sad and challenges the perception that zoos are necessary for educational purposes, 
and for the protection of endangered species.
I have to believe that the message of conservation that the zoos are spreading is being heard.
It’s the only way I can accept their necessity.
Judging by the number of school groups at the zoo yesterday, 
and the note-taking and question-asking happening, 
Auckland Zoo do take their role of spreading the message seriously.
Dinner time in the otter enclosure
Is it enough though?
Red Panda
The volunteers we encountered are passionate about their involvement in the Zoo.
There’s a vibrancy and belief to what they do that’s contagious.  
They care SO much about the welfare of each and every animal.
The Kea - the world's only alpine parrot

Humour is NEVER in short supply when Em’s and I are out together.  
That humour being shared by some of the volunteers we encountered made for even
more laughter-inducing moments, particularly at the Lion enclosure and in the shop.
What is it about Em’s that makes her do the DAFTEST of things!
I’m NOT complaining.  
Her DAFT moments make for tear-inducing laughter.
A Whio
“Eventually all things fall into place.  
Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments
and know that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.” 
~ Albert Schweitzer
The Takahe, a flightless bird indigenous to New Zealand ... once thought to be extinct
My all-time favourite of the Big Cats
Love these faces
Yawning and roaring for his mate