Thursday, 20 February 2014

Enjoy EVERY moment ...

  ... even the sticky ones!

It’s THAT time of year again.  The time of year when your hair sticks to your head.
When you’re sweaty and wet even when you’re standing still.

Yes, we’re talking HUMIDITY
.... and it sucks.

Even the hound feels it.
It’s draining.
Saps your energy.
Depletes your resources.
We cheer when the rain comes and then bemoan the humidity it leaves in it’s wake.
Whilst I don’t like humidity I DO like the change in the seasons. The sun’s not quite up as we leave on our early morning ramble and even the dawn chorus is slightly more muted than usual.
Regardless of the weather and regardless of the sun being awake or not, 
it’s STILL my favourite time of the day.  It always will be.

I don’t know what I’d do if the day ever came when I COULDN’T ramble every morning.  
Love the reflection ....
There’s been a scarcity of Kingfishers on the beach at the moment.  
I don’t know if they’ve all gone AWOL or if the abundance of crickets in the reserves and parks have prompted a temporary change in diet.

The hound obviously understands my concern over their absence
and set about this morning trying to find their usual food source
 ... as a way of tempting them back to the beach you understand.
The crabs home
The crabs don’t quite see it that way.  
They’re not missing the Kingfishers at all.
They weren’t too happy at this large chocolate brown hound upending their home and carrying it along the beach.  They clung on for dear life and hid in the holes in the rock.
She’s very lucky they DIDN’T nip her tongue!
Cooper wanted a look-see too!

The Heron didn’t hang around long either. 
 In his haste to depart, he gave me the most magical shot of his vertical lift-off skills.  
He’s magnificent, even if he does ATTEMPT to occasionally feed on the fish in my friend Julie’s pond.
Yes, talking of fish.  I like fish too.  
The marshmallow chocolate kind.  
So does the hound AND so do the lemmings!!  
Any rattling of said pack of marshmallow fish and, 
quick as a flash, I have a hound salivating at my feet!

It’s bad enough that I have to share my fish with the lemmings
now I have to share them with the hound too!!! 
"Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles." 
~ Charlie Chaplin

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