Monday, 17 February 2014

Magic and Mayhem.

Weekends don’t come better than this one.
Cooper trying to help the hound retrieve her ball
Stunning weather.  
Sensational market.  
Winning Rugby.  
Cheerful and noisy ramble.  
Full Moon.  
Website launched.

Phew .... it’s had it all and more.
The full moon was accompanied by clear skies on Saturday night.  They’re essential for any excursion on a broomstick ... especially mine as my navigational skills are abysmal.  The only person I know with navigational skills worse than mine is the other Carol. 
 It must be something to do with the name.
Love watching this drive into the water
When it’s a full moon and cloudy, the broomstick’s relegated to the basement.
... lifts up the wheels and off it goes
There was little need for creating magic and mayhem this weekend though.  It happened all by itself.  
I couldn’t have wished for a busier or more enjoyable market on Saturday. 
 It exceeded all my expectations and left my head reeling
 If compliments were currency I’d be the wealthiest girl in the world.
It wasn’t just me that enjoyed the market either.
The hound was her usual cuddle-slut self and created mayhem with her tail.  
What is it about Labradors and the bum wag
 It’s not just her tail that she wags, it’s her WHOLE bottom!   
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to rescue the canvas prints on the easel when she’s welcoming people to my stall.  Her tail is a weapon all on it’s own!
She’s my market mascot and EVERYONE loves her!
SHE loves it when we get up early to watch rugby too. Fortunately this morning’s match was on at a respectable time for us .... 6am instead of the more usual 3am.  She curls up at my feet ready to LEAP up in excitement every time I cheer.  That happened quite frequently this morning as my Sharks scored the necessary number of tries to earn a bonus point.  
What an awesome start to a tournament.
The Weetb-Bix Kids TRYathlon was SO well supported today.
No matter where in the world I live, I will ALWAYS be a Sharks supporter.  
I believe in the power of the BLACK and WHITE.
So does the hound.

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