Sunday, 29 December 2013

Blessed are the weird people!

“Blessed are the weird people.  Poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters and troubadours. 
For they teach us to see the world through different eyes.” 
~ Jacob Norby
My favourite dead tree and my favourite piece of real estate, shrouded in cloud today.
Long ones
 misty morning ones
 spirit replenishing ones.

So necessary in everyone’s life.

Life has been hectic of late and this morning’s extended ramble was long overdue.

  It’s been an age since we’ve navigated the coastal route below the cliffs.  It’s a ramble that can only happen at low tide as a large part of the route is beneath the waves at any other time.
Pied Shag listening to a chain saw.
Low tide allows most of it to be accessible ... even when it’s raining.

Yep, the ONE day of the week that I HAVEN’T had to work and it’s
BUCKETED down with the wet stuff during the night.  
Karaka Bay ... secluded little hide-away for the select few.
NOT that it matters.
 I RAMBLE come rain OR shine, and so does the significant other when persuaded to.

It’s NOT the easiest of routes to ramble as it’s rugged and isolated 
and right next to the waves.  The hound loves it. 
She negotiates the rocks and boulders with ease leaving us trailing in her wake.

She was looking for logs ... BIG ones.

I’m trying to think of a collective noun for Kingfishers as there was an
abundance of them out there today.  

They’re not QUITE as used to human company as the ones in the bay are.  
The ones in the bay are used to the ENDLESS chatter and noise that we humans create.
The mudflats when the tide's out
Google, my “go-to information provider” of note suggested that the collective noun for Kingfishers is a CONCENTRATION.  That’s so apt.  I have to turn myself into a tripod when photographing them, which requires fierce CONCENTRATION!

One thing we hadn’t anticipated on our ramble was part of the cliff having collapsed.  
There were trees and boulders strewn everywhere making the remaining part of the coastal route inaccessible.   Auckland Council had erected large signs and fencing warning ramblers to keep out as more of the cliff could collapse.
The collapsing cliff
The signs DIDN’T say anything about staying out of the water!

So we got our feet wet.  
Very wet.  
Even  MY shoes, with their waterproof Gore-tex fabric couldn’t keep my feet dry. 
We DID have to wade KNEE-deep through the waves which might explain why.

The hound wasn’t the ONLY wet and weary body after our ramble today.  
It was good for the soul
good for the body and oh so good for the mind!
Cows in the 'clover' at Churchill Park
“As you find the light in you, 
you begin to see the light in everyone else.” 
~ Ram Dass

Codri's South African flag!

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