Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I can do TIP-TOE if I have to.

“In the end, only three things matter ... how much you loved
how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” 
~ Buddha

A New Year’s Day that begins with a New Moon AND pours with rain.
Is that auspicious or what?

2014 is destined to be a little different.

So much has been let go off in 2013 and so much has begun
I have taken my courage in BOTH hands and opened my soul to the world. 
It’s been scary.

As I tip-toe into 2014 .... and yes, I can DO tip-toe when I have to ... I want to build on the dreams I’ve started realising.  Anything IS possible IF you have the courage to believe in it.

This I KNOW.

My wish for 2014 is that EVERYONE could find something to SMILE about EVERYDAY.

My 2014 is going to be a radically different and more joyful year than 2013. 
 I’m one of the BEST advocates of manifesting joy and happiness even when the flotsam and jetsam of life threaten to overwhelm me.  

Broomsticks will be necessary.
SMILING will be mandatory.
There will be NO exceptions.

Smiling is especially mandatory today as I’m at WORK ... public holiday and all!

One of the JOYS of working in the retail sector I suppose.
Yep .... there’s that JOY thing again. 

Interestingly enough we are the only shop open in the mall and, 
apart from the little grocery store down the road, the only shop open on the high street.

Filling my caffeine addiction today COULD be a tad difficult.
Thank goodness for significant others who’re ready, able and willing to provide food and drink.  
A glass of wine WOULDN’T be a bad idea right now.

You’d never have guessed but I’m a bit of a moon geek.  Today’s New Moon is one of the FIVE Supermoons that we’ll be experiencing this year but, because it’s a New Moon, it won’t be visible.  
Well, not to us humans with our limited vision.  
The second Supermoon of the year ALSO happens in January.  
Yep, you guessed it ... it’s a new moon too.  NO viewing pleasure.

The first VISIBLE Supermoon will be in August and this one co-incides with a Full Moon.

I’m ordering broomstick flying weather!

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