Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Funky Brown Lab Van

The little foal, next door to Yvonne
“Be everything you are.  It’s divine.” 
~ Sarah L. Harvey
2017 is humming along.
The Funky Brown Lab van
- the van’s silver, the hound’s brown and it’s rego is FBL23
ergo Funky Brown Lab van,
is clocking up the miles as we go here, there and everywhere.
Just because we can.
It runs on a sniff of petrol.  
Such a contrast to the gas-guzzling Landrover I’ve just sold.
Make no mistake.  
I loved that Freelander but the running costs and repairs were becoming astronomical.  
The last straw was the hole in the inlet valve.   
It HAD to go.
I have my little van now 
and there’s room aplenty for the hound AND markets.
It’s a bit of a flibbertigibbet around corners though.
I’ve already experienced the rear wheels overtaking the front wheels
 as we rounded a corner on a country lane a tad too fast.
The gentleman in the car coming towards us had eyes as big as saucers 
as we pirouetted in slow motion in front of him.
I must remember that it’s Front Wheel Drive and NOT a 4x4.

I do LUV it though!
As does the hound.
We’ve even had a picnic in it after one of our rambles.
The intention had been to sit on the beach but the rain came bucketing down.
The back of the van made the perfect picnic venue with room to spare!
My mantra this year is 
“Adventure is calling and I must go.”
This little van gives me the freedom to do that!
As we sprint into February I’m still feeling a little overwhelmed 
by the success of the 3-day market at The Cloud.
I’ve never discussed my photography in so much detail or with so many people before.
It was phenomenal.
I couldn’t stop smiling.
It’s taken oodles of courage to reach this point in my journey.
But I’m SO glad I’ve persevered.
“Never be afraid to shine your light, 
it might kindle the light of someone in the dark.”
~ Wild Woman Sisterhood.

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