Tuesday, 10 January 2017

I choose JOY!

In every situation.
In every relationship.
In every ordinary moment.
It’s one of the cornerstones of happiness.
Such a simple choice to make and yet happiness still eludes so many people.
As we fly headlong into another new year 
I need to remind myself to focus on that joy.
Practise an attitude of gratitude and joy will flow.
I’m a happy person by nature, 
a ‘glass half full’ kinda girl.
Even on the dull days, MYdays are bright and interaction with others is always sparkly.
I bubble.
This is a good thing.
MOST of the time.
My JOY is found in the simplest of things.
Walking EVERY day
It’s my daily dose of Vitamin D and fresh air. 
If you don’t have a hound to add humour to the equation, 
beg, borrow or steal one!
Being HAPPY with WHAT I have
and WHERE I am
You can be happy anywhere if you CHOOSE to be.
It’s all about GROWING where you’re PLANTED.
BREATHING it all in and LOVING it all out
I try. I really DO.
But some people turn NOT loving them into an ART form!
Making a BOLD mark, NOT a dull impression
Letting it GO
CHANGING my words. 
CHANGING my mindset
This makes my head spin and my mind salivate.
It’s so easy to fall into the trap of negativity by the very words we use to communicate. 
ALWAYS doing my best
As both a night owl AND an early riser, 
my ‘best’ changes moment to moment. 
Being my AUTHENTIC self
If I’m true to me then I have no competition.
NO ONE can do ME, like me!
Authenticity acts as a magnet for the right kind of everything in my life.
LOOKING for the beautiful in every day
Beautiful days are NOT the exception any more.
They’re the rule.
So there you have it.
The WOW's in my day that help me FIND joy!

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