Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Tuesdays are mine.

Reflections of reflections!
Magic is when life doesn’t go as planned but works out well anyway.

Having a foot missing doesn't hinder this little girl.
Contentment is a much maligned word.  It doesn’t come from having everything you want in life, but from being content with one’s situation, whatever that might be.  
I have moments when contentment settles over me like a second skin.  
I love those moments.
I also LOVE my day off.
Tuesday doesn’t come round soon enough
It’s always filled to the brim with fun and fabulousness.
THIS Tuesday saw the hound and I up bright and early.
5.30am early.
Even on my day off.
We hit the viewsite to catch a sunrise.
Sunrises though don’t always happen according to plan.
The low pressure system ridging in over North Island has bought clouds aplenty.
Clouds for the sun to hide behind.
The skies WERE a beautiful pink though and the glow over the city as the sun raised it’s head was breathtaking.
The hound and I BOTH wallowed in the waves when we hit the beach.
She retrieved logs whilst I threw them.
One particular log was even carried back up the hill to the landy.
Not by me.
Our brief interlude at Animates to wash the hound turned out to be anything but brief.
The landy, as is it’s wont at inopportune times, wouldn’t start when the time came to head home.  
Patience is becoming a strength.
Taking the flatmate to collect his scooter from the motorbike man was next on the agenda.  
A repaired scooter means no more midnight pick-ups from work. 
Yay for NOT having to drive into St. Heliers in my pj’s anymore.
The afternoon just kept getting better.
Lunch and shopping with my buddy.
Need I say more.
Time isn’t important on a day off.  
There will ALWAYS be a zillion and one things to do, 
but Tuesday’s are mine and therefore time IS irrelevant.
It’s a choice I’m happy to make.
Downtime is necessary.
I more than realise that now.
Don’t explain your philosophy.  Embody it.” 
~ Epictetus

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