Thursday, 10 September 2015

A parallel universe.

“How are we all so brave as to take step after step, day after day? 
How are we so optimistic, so careful not to trip, and yet do trip, 
and then get up and say OK.”.
~  Maria Kalman
As the morning mist blankets my world in ethereal wonder
I can’t help but relate it to life.
It’s still beautiful
undeniably so
but it’s all so very unclear.
ANYthing could be out there 
IF I could only see it.
It’s surreal.
Like my life.
A parallel universe.
Everything APPEARS so normal on the surface.
But it’s not.
Inside I’m all of a quiver.
Uncertainty plays havoc with my mind.
It’s a loopy kind of optimism that keeps me going.
Seeing the fantastic even when everything’s horrid.
After all, who else gets to chat to seagulls on their early morning ramble to watch the sun rise?
That’s one thing I CAN be certain of.
The sun WILL rise every day.
And set.
And the seagulls will caw.
A semblance of normality in an ever increasingly insane world.
Whilst I ponder on the SO’s imminent departure, life continues unabated.
Despite NOT participating in many markets of late
my artwork’s selling well.
It’s beyond exciting.
As I watch the unexpected fall into place I can’t help but feel grateful.
Colleagues on leave create extra shifts that keep life busy.
Busyness is good as it leaves little time for reflection..
Or over-thinking.
I don’t know how I’ll feel next week but it doesn’t matter.
THIS moment is the only one that does.
“There ARE no ordinary moments.” 
~ Dan Millman (The Peaceful Warrior)
In all this "busyness" I find time for a tea moment.
An eminently civilised afternoon treat.
Courtesy of The Local Coffee Shop (though I'm drinking tea)
It caused much amusement to customers and my colleagues in the Mall.
They all wanted a tea moment of their own.

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