Friday, 28 August 2015

Navigationally challenged.

"To practice any art,
no matter how well or badly,
is a way to make your soul grow.
So do it.
~ Kurt Vonnegut
It's all that sunshine and Vitamin D!
Oh yes.
A little Kingfisher greeting the morning
The best possible way to start a day though a lot of my friends might disagree on that one.  
Particularly when it entails leaving home before the sun's up.  
What's the point in leaving home before the sun's up
 if it's the sunshine that's so good for you, I can hear them say.
It's the very BEST part of my day.
Even when it's raining.
There was no sun rise to watch on Tuesday morning though, 
just raindrops through the lens.  
Whatever the sun WAS doing wasn't visible to those of us below the clouds.  
There wasn't even a glimmer of the sunlight that was supposedly 
beaming down on the rest of the world.
This is supposedly so that the cyclists don't BOWL us over on their morning commue.
Some mornings are like that.
Tuesday morning's ramble was a long one.  
Our first long one in over a month.  
From Panmure Bridge to Farm Cove and back
all along the Tamaki Estuary.
My navigationally challenged tendencies though 
ensured that it was even longer than what it should have been.  
Somehow I managed to get us lost.

One wouldn't think that you could get lost along the Tamaki Estuary but you can.
More so if you're me.
No built-in navigational skills to speak of, you see.

Thank goodness I only had to be at work in the afternoon!

It was a VERY tired hound that returned to the car. I could sense the quickening in her step and see the relief in her eyes as she espied the car. 
I think she thought we'd be lost forever.
She spent the rest of the day asleep on her bed
whilst I went to work.
Monty, one of the regulars we see on the boardwalk
View of my city from Te Aroha Peninsula

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