Saturday, 6 December 2014

A smorgasbord of emotions

Pencil Art by Vincent Reid ... magical stuff!
EMOTIONS run high on a week like I’ve just had.
The Umhlanga Lighthouse 
It’s been exhilarating.
3 visits to the Oyster Box in a week ... such a gorgeous spot.
I’ve cried BUCKETS of tears.
I’ve LAUGHED until I’ve cried.
I’ve had HUGS I’ve not wanted to let go off.
Second visit to the Oyster Box for Mom's Birthday High Tea
Love and caring has filled every fibre of my being.
I haven’t wanted it to end.
This time with family and friends far away has been precious and SO enjoyable.
For just a moment, 
TIME has ALMOST stood still and allowed me to catch my breath.
A special sanctuary in the Midlands
It’s been necessary.
Living so far away from family is hard.
This week more than reinforced that.
The 4 of us and Mom
I miss my Mom.
I miss my siblings.
I miss my friends.
Our first visit to the Oyster Box for lunch with Debs
Mom’s birthday week was full to the brim of SO many unexpected surprises.
She hadn’t expected to see me
She hadn’t expected to see my brother
She hadn’t expected to see my middle sister.
Love you Mom
All so carefully orchestrated and pulled off with flair.
Birthdays don’t come much better than that.
Daisy ... such a character!  Going to miss her a tad.
I’ve reconnected with places and people I haven’t seen in an age.
Been spoilt at a spa.
Had breakfasts and High Tea and coffees too numerous to mention.
The Spa ... what a gorgeous and opulent spot.  So enjoyed my pedicure with Debs
My last day was a smorgasbord of joy and sadness.
Much laughter ensued as I played chauffeur in Mom’s car.
It’s used to her more sedate, measured driving,
not being whizzed around corners and bends.
Daisy and Gemima ... Gemima's 14 years old and tolerates the more youthful Daisy.
Good job Mom’s hair IS already grey!
Pepper - such a beautiful fur-ball but very wary of strangers.
Spots on her body and stripes on her tail .... so unusual!
No matter where in the world I might live,
family is always family and saying goodbye is so hard.
The visit though was worth every tear that I’ve shed.
Family and friends MAKE me who I am.
The little Mannikins adding humour to the day at Mom's Birdfeeder.
“Like branches on a tree, 
we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.  
Each of our lives will always be a special part of the others.” 
~ anon
A different perspective on the Lighthouse
Misty ... a Siamese with attitude and a voice to match!
Douglas, one of the hounds that lives at The Farmers Daughter, another lovely spot in the Midlands

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