Saturday, 26 July 2014

Pockets of stillness.

“Build pockets of stillness into your life.” 
~ anon.
The hound and I are investigators of the ordinary
The route we take on our daily ramble is mostly the same 
but there’s always something different to see each day.
From her perspective and from mine.
Winter PJs are nowhere near as interesting as summer ones.
That aside, it’s just NOT the same walking without her.
I MISS her keen nose and sharp eyes.
Most of all I miss her company.

She enjoys watching the world wake up as much as I do.
She’s probably thinking 
Silly humans ... why do they stay in their beds so long!
There’s a whole world out here waiting to be explored.
The birds are up and the sun’s shining.
Bring on those waves!
I echo her sentiments.
Except for the waves bit.
I love being outdoors and on the beach as much as she does
but it’s only my feet I’ll get wet during winter.
They got more wet than usual today.
Low tide and a glorious morning mean only ONE thing.

In embracing the glorious mess that is me, I sometimes take it quite literally.
This morning was one of those times.
Mud does something to a girl.
It’s not the most glamorous of accessories
but a necessary evil when stalking my feathered friends.
Oh to have the freedom that they have.
When they’ve had enough of the girl with the bright orange scarf they take off.
So graceful and effortless and free.
Till I find them again.
I am more than blessed to have this sanctuary of sorts in my life.
Even without the hound, 
it provides a modicum of normality to the chaos that surrounds me.
Standing on the shore with the waves filling my ear-drums,
I’m removed from the hubbub of everyday life that continues unabated around me.
If I close my eyes, I can make-believe I’m anywhere.
THIS is MY pocket of stillness.

A rainbow on my road!

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