Saturday, 21 June 2014

Mayhem rules.

“It takes courage to grow up and finally become who you really are.” 
~ EE Cummings
Exploring the Birkenhead side of Harbour Bridge this afternoon
Tears wash the soul clean.  
Every time.  
In every way.
They restore a semblance of calm to the soul and order to the body.
My tears are necessary.
Early morning in my bay
It’s been a week of busy-ness and mayhem.
Not enough hours in the day or minutes in the hour.
Too much to do and NEVER enough time to do it in.
Birkenhead Artisan Market - lovely spot
Mayhem RULES but I still thrive.
I’m learning that what doesn’t get done today will get done tomorrow
... or the next day
... or the one after that.
Ironically, it’s this very BUSY-ness that creates the magical moments that I love.
Ted ... snuggling into his human as it was his first day with her.
Take the common House Sparrow for example.
It must be the most successful of all the bird species.
Opportunistic and busy, they’re EVERYWHERE.
They have a marked similarity to mankind
... able to adapt and thrive no matter the environment.
AND they’re CUTE!
Splayed legs ... almost like the hound
Photo ops of other birds have been in short supply.
They just AREN’T doing winter.
Even the Kingfishers have been camera -shy.
The Sparrows HAVEN’T.
They joined in our coffee and cake after the market at Birkenhead today.
We were celebrating the shortest day of the year.
Yay to having more minutes of sunshine in my day.  
More light on my world.  
Earlier sun-rises and later sun-sets.
The early bird catching the worm kind of thingy.
Sparrows probably.
Winter, despite being delightfully cold, has a downside
... especially on these rather DARK rather COLD winter mornings.
MORE than enough reason to celebrate!
“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely,
every hundredth of a second.” 
~ Marc Riboud

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