Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I need practice!!

Words.  My words.
My bay at sunrise when the tide's out
“I had the right to remain silent, but I didn’t have the ability.” 
~ Ron White
Neither do I.

Would that I could adequately describe an image with words.
In this case, with THIS image, words are superfluous.
The image says it all.
That magical moment that defies description
THAT morning was magical.
It took all the words, the angst, the confusion and blew it into the stratosphere.
Life is about living, NOT just existing and I need to remember that.
I asked the significant other to HOLD the camera whilst I replied to Em's text .... NOT to use it!
The hound has it sussed.
So does Sam.
They have no need of words.
They express themselves in a thousand ways WITHOUT uttering a sound.
Zak, Chocolat and Sam ... a Labrador Puddle
The Shag that Em's and I were stalking
Not so me.

I use a thousand words and more to express myself
and STILL don’t always get my meaning across.

It’s that ‘words falling out of my mouth’ thingy.
TOO many words.  
They tumble out, tripping over one another in their haste to be heard.   It’s not a pleasant sight.
Wine time at "The Spa @ 52"
I need PRACTICE!! 
Loads of it!

A fiery sunset at rugby on Saturday night
I should take a leaf out of Sam’s book.

He’s practised so much at being a feet-seeking missile that he can SMELL us on the beach BEFORE he sees us.

  His race along the beach is fast and furious and only ends when he flings ... yes FLINGS ... his body at my feet and turns upside down for the mandatory tummy rub.
Zak and his reflection
NO words are necessary to express his delight at seeing us. 
It’s BIZARRE but this is Sam.
Words ARE necessary when the time comes to LEAVE the beach though.
Both hounds would stay all day if they could.  
So would I.
I’m convinced they were both BEACH BUMS in a previous life.
That’s why they’re so practised at sand surfing and wave wallowing.
The sand and the waves are where they’re happiest.
I can understand why. 
It’s my happy place too.
Life. is. beautiful.
“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” 
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Sky Tower all lit up on Saturday night


Gumtree Gully said...

Stunning photos!! Love watching what you post, so clear and beautiful and subject matter is always, fun, serene and smile making :-)

Chocolat and Co. said...

Thank you Kathy! You know what I love most about what you said ... the smile-making bit!! I love that my blogs and my photos make people smile!