Tuesday, 14 January 2014

No blood was shed at the Crazy Cat Lady's home.

“So you’re a little weird?  WORK it!!  
A little different? OWN it!!” 
~ Mandy Hale

Fun.  Food.  Friends.  Fruit of the vine.
What more can a weekend possibly offer?

From 50th birthday celebrations on Saturday to long meandering rambles on Sunday to lingering afternoons spent emptying our minds and filling our tummies,  my weekend’s had it all.

The hound is exhausted.

Not only has she rambled far and wide on unfamiliar beaches but she’s had to contend with unfamiliar hounds putting her in her place.

Let’s not even mention the KITTY.

The hound’s  used to being BOSS of the beach in our bay and isn’t afraid to intimidate any unsuspecting hound venturing onto what she considers to be HER turf.  It’s a very different kettle of fish when you’re the one in unfamiliar territory and the BOSS of the beach intimidates YOU.

A few barks and snarls from Tina girl, and whimpers from the hound, and order was restored.  Our ramble continued with no further conflict.

The same couldn’t be said at the home of the Crazy Cat lady 
(aka Ems)

Ems has fur-balls, the feline kind ... several of them .... and baa-lambs and chooks.

Fur-balls DEFINTELY have dominion in Em’s household  and Billy the Ginger Tom was making sure the hound knew this.

Without a sound being uttered or a drop of blood being shed, Billy let her know WHO was in charge.  She knew better than to answer back.

Even going to the garden was fraught with danger. 

Billy sat at the top of the steps KNOWING the hound WOULDN’T  attempt to navigate the steps whilst he was sitting there.  Pretty much like the situation at home when Tiger sits at the top of the driveway.   Tiger does it for fun.  You can see the smirk on his face when the hound won’t go past him.

I had to coax her down to the garden after moving Billy from the steps.

In the world of cats and dogs, cats DEFINITELY rule. 

This is completely off topic but we arrived home to find a lemming with a lop-sided face.

He’s been diagnosed wIth Bells Palsy - an inflammation of the nerve controlling the muscles of the face. He can’t smile properly and can’t close his right eye.  Chewing and drinking is a tad difficult too.  As the nerve regains function the partial paralysis of the facial muscles will lessen but full recovery will take several weeks.

He’s NOT impressed. 

Imbibing copious amounts of alcoholic beverages is not advised whilst on the medication.

You are someone’s reason to smile.”
~ unknown

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