Friday, 10 January 2014

I am wet. I am sand. I am hound.

“In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, 
but how many moments took your breath away.”
~ Shing Xiong
Takapuna Beach
Sea, Sand and Sunshine

My world has it all.  
In abundance.

It has insane hounds with equally insane humans, weird and wonderful strangers who become friends and enough sunshiny smiles to light up a moonless night. 

I defy ANYONE to still feel the world’s worries on their shoulders after a morning ramble in this little spot in paradise.  Barefoot in the waves, shoulders bared to the sun, mind emptied of anything but the needs of the moment.

My world - at this exact moment in time - COULDN’T be more perfect.

The mad and manic antics of a chocolate hound make it even more so.
I am WET.  I am SAND.  I am HOUND.
.... times TWO.
Oscar, the Black Labrador, joined in the fun.
TWO hounds, TWO balls, TWO humans 
and miles and miles of endless sand and waves.
Coffee on tap at the end and NO hound restrictions till after 10 in the morning.
Takapuna Beach has it all.
... and kept trying to take Sam's ball.
We weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the low tide either.

We met hounds in every shape, size and colour ... ditto for the humans.
They breed them different on that side of the shore
.... the humans that is.

It’s hard to keep a straight face sometimes.

Wet hounds DO make for showers when they shake.
... and yes, water IS wet.

Strange humans aside, our ramble was both fun and entertaining.

I have need of mornings like this. 
They fill me to over-flowing with sunshine.
It's not often they leave their balls on the sand.
“We love: that’s why life is full of so many wonderful gifts.” 
~ Rumi

Yep, Carol's got food and she's wanting her share.
That was delicious thanks.

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