Saturday, 8 June 2013

Life is about living.

"I am NOT replaceable."
~ anon.

Some days are MORE than busy ... 

From hovering helicopters to recalcitrant cows to smelly hounds, it’s had it all!  Even the Co’s had a day and a half .  Yes ... she had THAT op today and glared at me all the way home from the vet.  I can see I’m NOT her favourite person at the moment ... then again, I never have been.  
She has a THING for the men in this house.

Co quite clearly hasn’t read her discharge instructions from the vet though.  In them he suggests there should be no running or jumping or frolicking for at least 5 days after the surgery.  I would have classified charging up and over the furniture as running and jumping but quite obviously Co doesn’t
 I think the pain relief hasn’t worn off yet.  
Maybe tomorrow she’ll do what the vet suggests and lie quietly .... yeah right.

Her life is all about living, an absolute art in itself.

Rain dancing took on new meaning when performed in front of the cows today.  They were blocking our exit from the paddock at Churchill Park and had to be actively co-erced into moving.  I’ve never tried to shove several hundred pounds of beef on the hoof out the way before but there’s always a first time for everything.

These cows are anything BUT amenable though and a fair amount of shouting and shoving was necessary in order to open a path to the gate.  We had thought the cows might have moved by the time we returned .... but they hadn’t.  Once again they were completely blocking our exit.

I reckon ALL the 60 or so resident cows in Churchill Park were on a mission today.

Maybe it was the hard-working helicopter that made them so fractious.  

Tree felling was taking place in the park and the helicopter was ferrying the felled trees up from the river bank. Not only was the helicopter noisy but so was the Log Chipping machine.  It was a relentless drone of helicopter blades and logs being chipped
No wonder the workers had ear-muffs on.

Indy couldn’t have cared less about the helicopters.  He was in Churchill Park.  There were cows.  Cows leave large cow patties.  Indy loves cow patties, especially fresh ones!

He EATS them AND he ROLLS in them!  

Even the cows gave us the hairy eyeball when Indy walked past .... and cows have VERY hairy eyeballs!

This is living. Could it be more perfect?

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