Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The only thing that needs changing ....

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. Victor Frank

Today I get to be philosophical ... it’s been that kind of a day .... introspective ... thought provoking .... challenging .... even scary .... yes, I get fearful sometimes too.

I know that often in my life,
I’ve tried to change things to suit me ... I get exasperated when the changes I’m trying to make don’t work or don’t have the outcome I’d like them to have.  Sometimes it takes an upheaval in my life to make me realise the only thing that needs changing is ME .... Victor Frank’s quotation is a timely reminder of this.

At times, because of our fears, we create walls around us ... it takes courage to break through those walls ... it takes courage to listen with the heart and see the real person behind the wall they’ve created.  I value those that take moments out of their own lives to participate in mine ...
One of the Kingfishers that were flitting up and down the beach
they speak to my soul and they make me stronger with their love.  Their contribution to my life allows me to expand and grow.

Morning rambles are my quiet times ... they allow me time to think  ... especially now with leaving earlier.  The world is still quiet .... still in repose
.... still recovering from the day before. The few souls I do meet so early in the morning are, like me, enjoying the stillness and peace  ... greetings are exchanged but they’re hushed and brief .... none of us wants to shatter the serenity of the new day’s dawn.

This morning as I set off on my ramble the moon was large and visible in the sky right in front of me ...... it was bright white and passing through clouds.  As it headed over the horizon and dipped out of view, it caught the first pink rays of the morning sun .... it changed from a bright white to a pink lacy orb ... it was beautiful!  As I’d 
watched, the moon had changed ..... diversified .... changed my view of it .... changed it’s colour .... I saw it from a different perspective. It’s not very often I see a pink moon!  Maybe today that moon was telling me something.

Even the sunrise ... depending on the time and the tide and the weather ...
looks different each day.  Life changes every day ... my life changes every day .... I feel a sense of expecting the unexpected. 
Change is good ... the reality is that life is not stagnant ... it’s an ever-flowing stream of energy and, like that energy, I too am not stagnant.  Change reminds me of why I love rainbows and butterflies .... something new ... something unlimited!

Carol, about to throw the hound's ball and get her foot
tangled in the rope!
I get to wake up every day with the gift of a new beginning .... the opportunity to “do it again” ... and hopefully each day I’ll do it better than the day before. I can continue to improve my thoughts, words, actions, deeds .... and make a difference to someone else’s life .... or I can choose not to. Carol might not have thought I’d made a difference to her life today but she sure made a difference to mine ... her misfortune with my hound’s rope was hilarious .... I shouldn’t have laughed .... the rope hurt her leg ... but both she and I couldn’t stop laughing.  It’s not every day you get to see your hound dragging a friend, who’s hopping on one leg, out to sea!

I need to embrace change .... and when the world isn’t changing as I’d like it to ... I need to rethink my attitude towards it .... I need to change ME!


Thistledown said...

Victor Frankl showed true human spirit. He however did not change what was against his essential humaness. Yes in the face of adversity change your reaction in order to balance yourself, but never ever let anything compromise your ethics...........You my friend have great courage of spirit, and a lovely ability to look for the positive. You keep going kiddo..........the Universe, and a zillion souls are cheering you on :) :)

Lots of love and light.

Chocolat and Co. said...

Ah Smiles .... you are one of those very people who contribute so much to my life with your innate wisdom and love. I grow because of, and through, the special people who choose to be involved with me. xx