Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Up before the sparrows fart.

“You have to find the place that brings out the human in you.
The soul in you.
The love in you.”
~ R.M. Drake
There is nothing mundane or mediocre about life.
Far from it.
Being out every morning before the sparrows fart provides ample opportunity 
to witness that which is definitely NOT mundane or mediocre.  
Quite the opposite in fact. 
My mornings are both beautiful and dramatic.
There are some moments though when it feels almost sacrilegious to pull the camera out.  
When all I want to do is drink in the majesty of the spectacle Mother Nature puts on.
Reverence is a word that comes to mind.
It’s at these moments that I fail miserably as a photographer.
From woefully wintery skies to the most fierily blazing sunsets my world is left better by these dramatic and beautiful happenings.  
Even the woefully winter skies hold a moody magic all of their own.
Who would have thought one could be so transfixed by our ever changing skies.
As one morning moves to the next I’m left flummoxed by how quickly time’s passing.
There is a never-ending relentlessness to the ticking of the clock.
A persistent reminder that there is still so much in life I want to do.
I want to capture sunsets in remote parts of the world
Stalk birds in far-flung locations.
Walk in the waves on sunburnt shores.
I want to shoot stars in the desert
and witness the bright dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis.
It’s my photographic bucket-list and time is a-ticking.

“One day she remembered that the only person that could make her happy was herself.  
So she took back her power, 
reclaimed her place in the world, 
and shined like never before!”
~ Wild Women Sisterhood

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