Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A broken phartmobile

Ph-art-mobile   [fartmobile]
Passenger vehicle with 4 wheels and a gasoline internal combustion engine 
used for transporting photo art to markets.
The Phartmobile is off the road and broken.
It’s showing it’s age and various seemingly essential parts have passed their use-by dates.
That’s according to the mechanic.
I, being blonde and female, know little about such things. 
All I know is that I have to save enough to fix it 
or participating in markets and visiting the SO will be a thing of the past.
The “Save the phartmobile fund” has begun!
It won’t be easy, but then nothing worthwhile ever is.
I’ve needed these last few MAGICAL mornings!
For just a moment in time they put to right what’s wrong with my world.
Would that that feeling would last for longer.

Heading down to the beach when the rest of the world’s still sleeping is an absolute treat.

There are a few other souls that rise as early as I do
but the majority of folk are still tucked up in bed.

Snoring probably.
They know not what they miss.
Curled up furballs stare dagger eyes at the hound as we wander down the road.
They DON’T do hounds.
No matter how friendly she is, THIS brown hound isn’t welcome on their turf.
The hound knows our route down pat.
Once we’re through Madills Farm there’s no stopping her.
The sun might not be up but the waves are beckoning.
With nary a backward glance she’s down the beach and into the waves.
As she stands there wallowing I soak up the sun rise.
It’s spectacular.

love this time of year.
The early mornings are mild AND I get to watch the sun wake up the world.
If I slept a moment longer, I’d miss the whole spectacle.
That sun rise waits for no man.
Soul Food doesn’t come much better than this.
"The universe is curled up inside us all,
it is up to us to find the stairs."
Christopher Poindexter

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