Thursday, 16 October 2014

Maintaining equilibrium

 “Seek the path that demands your whole being. 
Leave that which is not, but appears to be.”
~ Rumi
There is NO understanding of life at times.
Some days ROCK and some days don’t.
How to maintain equilibrium on the days that don’t is a quandary.
And one I don’t have an answer for.
Keeping busy helps.
Note to self:
Focus on the little things.
Any step forward is progress, no matter how small.
Staying static ISN’T an option.

Early morning sun rays that add warmth to my world help.

Reflections in puddles that reflect life right back at me help too.

Hugely heartfelt hugs help even more. They give as much comfort to the giver as to the recipient. 
Even on the days when clouds fill my mind and dark thoughts inhabit my conscious
SOMETHING will happen to bring sunshine to the day
and laughter to my heart.
I thrive on laughter.
It restores normality to a world washed in chaos.
As do my rambles.
A rather madcap look as she waits for me to throw the ball ....
Heading out when the world’s still sleeping ISN’T the norm.
It is peaceful though.
In a naturally noisy fashion.
That's an oxymoron of note.  
A peaceful noise.

Whilst watching the tide recede and the sun rise is tranquil,
there’s nothing tranquil about the cawing of the gulls as they greet that rising sun.

What IS absent though is manmade noise
and that’s what makes those morning rambles magic.

Any sense of awe is lost on the hound.
She leaps through the sand with abandon.  
plunging with glee into the puddles left by the retreating tide.
I have to snap quickly if I want any chance of catching those reflections before she muddies them.
Laughter bubbles out as quickly as the ripples radiate out in the puddle.
What was I thinking.
It's mornings like this that maintain that equilibrium.
Mornings like this that ensure my world ROCKS.
“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same, 
yet our lessons come from the journey .... not the destination.”
~ Don Williams (American Novelist and Poet 1968)
65VDUB - a 1965 VW Kombi fitted out as a wedding car.
Spotted whilst we were at the Mt. Eden Village market on Saturday.

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