Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The "Spa @ 52"

“Some people never go crazy.  What truly horrible lives they must lead.” 
~ Charles Bukowski
Crazy makes life MAGICAL and adds mayhem to the mundane.
Naughty Zinny chasing the seagulls!

Far too much yummy wine.
Glorious sunshine.
Scrumptious food.
Zany company.
Logs for Africa

Our absolutely DELICIOUS lunch!
... and let’s not forget the spa with a view.
Some moments are just necessary.
The logs for Africa might be an exaggeration but the rest certainly weren’t.
Our soak in the spa was well deserved after packing away Em’s logs for the winter.
Even the hound helped, though not with the same enthusiasm and intent as us.
She wanted to KEEP the logs, we wanted to STACK them.
A conflict of interest best solved by giving her one of her own.

It’s not often I drink copious amounts of wine, but I did on Sunday.
The occasional foray into a state of inebriation definitely has it’s downside the next day though.
It WASN’T our neighbour’s jack hammer that made my head ache in the morning.
I could of course blame it on the Spa.  
It’s dehydrating and head-ache inducing.
If I were to do that though, I might NOT 
be invited back to partake in this indolent luxury again.
Sorry Ems but this HAD to be included ... there aren't many spas with a view like yours!
Yeah right.  
The owner of the “Spa @ 52"  has a soft spot for the hound  so repeat invitations are a given.
Said hound was the only one NOT happy about “The Spa @ 52"
but only because she COULDN’T join in.
Hounds and Spa pools are NOT a good mix.
Don't you love the socks on the line ... all with their own bunny ear pegs!
From lucrative markets on Saturday 
... and no, I didn’t get the pun that was left on my FB post about the NEW market in Newmarket.  Blame it on the BLONDE or the busyness of the moment.
Tamaki River with Panmure Bridge in the background
to scintillating games of rugby on Sunday, this weekend has been full on with fun and fabulousness
Black Shag in motion .. 
I think he wanted to join the hound.
“Perhaps strength doesn’t reside in never having been broken, 
but in the courage to grow strong in the broken places.” 
~ unknown

Yep, she enjoys her very OWN ice cream .... from Macdonalds!!
Love the sunsets over the river!

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