Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Happiness is a WARM puppy!

“Some lose all mind and become soul, insane.
Some lose all soul and become mind, intellectual.
Some lose both and become accepted.”
~ Charles Bukowski
Another gem from Word Porn.
I lose all mind when exposed to the magnificence that Mother Nature can be.

From the almighty power of a cyclone this weekend to the fiery artwork in the morning sky,
Mother Nature pulls no punches.  
She is all or nothing.
My world rocks when that early morning vista is enriched with her vibrant scribbles.  
This morning’s scribbles were exceptional.
So much so that even the lycra clad loonies interrupted 
their morning perambulation to take in the scene.  
I’d usually call them MAMILS but there were cyclists of the female
persuasion amongst their number this morning.
They were NOISY and wanted their photo taken in front of the rising sun.
Bad idea.
The hound, of course, is not a fan of the viewsite vista.  
She wants to go beach.  
It’s Tuesday after all, and Sam will be there.  
Sunrises and their magnificence do NOT rock her boat.
Full tides DO.
Rugby balls DO.
Logs DO ... as does coffee.
Puppies DO too, surprisingly.

We “puppy-sat” a 6 week old pup for Yvonne this afternoon.
This little girl is from a litter of 13 and, subject to Yvonne’s satisfaction with her prospective owners, 
will go to her new home this weekend. 
In the meantime she needed ‘baby-sitting’ whilst Yvonne was at work.
I didn’t expect the hound to be quite so smitten.
She’s NOT been the most tolerant of hounds where puppies on the beach are concerned.
She was quite intrigued by this little sausage though and gave it a head-to-toe appraisal.
It obviously passed muster with her, but NOT with the fur-balls.
They gave it a wide berth.
The boy lemmings, both oldest and youngest, were smitten. 
There’s something about a puppy that turns everyone mushy! 
Happiness is a warm puppy.”
~ Charles M Schulz

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