Sunday, 26 January 2014

When I'm grumpity, I'm NOT nice to know.

So our weather’s been a bit grumpity this week ...  as have I.
My favourite piece of real estate is trying to hide in the mist and cloud.
Grey skies, rain clouds and the left over winds from a tropical cyclone have been the order of the day until yesterday.  Yesterday the sun shone and the skies were blue but I was still grumpity.
Walking between Kohi Beach and our bay ..... wet, wet, wet.
Things I have NO control over occasionally get me down.  
It’s silly, yes, but even permanently positive people like yours truly have their 
‘miserable me’ moments.

When I’m grumpity I’m NOT nice to know.  Ask the lemmings.

The hound still loves me regardless.  
She follows me round with a worried look on her face and tries to lick me better.

She doesn’t understand that wounds on the inside 
don’t heal quite as easily as wounds on the outside.

I even contemplated cancelling my attendance at Browns Bay Market today.  
I’m SO glad I didn’t.
Browns Bay Beach with Rangitoto in the distance.
The Browns Bay market is one of the MOST successful markets that I attend as Chocolat and Co.  
For some reason the people on the other side of harbour bridge LOVE what we do.
We seldom have an unsuccessful day there.

The start of a new year can be a little different though.  Not everyone has recovered from Christmas spending and Back to School purchases.  In January people often look but don’t buy.  These thoughts had all gone through my mind as I contemplated cancelling.

I should have known better.

In terms of sales, it was one of the best markets I’ve ever participated in. That Kingfisher of mine doesn’t need any help to sell himself.  Several of his canvasses ended up on walls in new homes, hopefully to be looked at and admired for many years to come.

As for the hound, if I could clone her I’d make millions
She is petted and admired and talked about endlessly.  
She REVELS in it. 
 In the world of  hounds, she’s a celebrity ... and she KNOWS it.  

She’ll be asking me to pay her a patronage fee at markets one of these fine days.

My grumpity mood aside, this has been the most amazing start to the year for Chocolat and Co.
Not only has our first market of the year been incredibly successful 
but I’m about to go live with the website this next week.  
A little bit more tweaking and loading of products and we’ll be open for business. 

Little step by little step, we are moving forward.

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