Friday, 31 January 2014

The confines of a BOX are exactly that.

Pause.  Breathe.  Digest.

Not my food you understand, but my thoughts.

My journey over the past few years has been one of growth, of recognising the fallability of there being a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’ way of doing anything, of having a “black” or a “white” view on  life.  
There IS where my Sharks are concerned, but that’s rugby.

Becoming more flexible in my thoughts and feelings has been a necessity.  Recognising that the confines of a box are exactly that has been essential.  It’s only when we step outside the perceived safety of the box that we realise how rigid and worn out our perspective has become.

As Walt Disney said 
“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”
Anything is possible.

My life, despite the temporary setbacks, is beautiful.

Something the hound is ALWAYS reminding me of.

She makes me see beauty when my eyes are too clouded with tears to see.  She makes me smile when all I want to do is cry.  I look into her eyes and see a connection and love so huge that it touches the depths of my soul.  I AM her world.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are times when the intelligence she displays astounds me.  Without being aware of it, we’ve added another “routine” to her morning ramble.  
It’s become customary for her to read the news as we tramp the road to the view-site.  Some mornings it takes LONGER to read certain shrubs than others.  Over the last week or so whilst her attention’s been diverted by an irresistibly smelly shrub, we’ve hidden down one of the driveways. 

Her delight when she finds us is contagious
 ... we all fall about giggling and laughing.

Today when we didn’t go and hide, she stopped.

We turned round to find her standing on the pavement several metres behind us, watching.  
She was WAITING for us to hide!

She’s very definitely NOT confined by any boxes whatsoever. 

She is HOUND.  She is LOVE.  She is MINE.

ps ... I’m missing an appendage at present.  My trusty camera, survivor of sand, rain, sea water and salt is in need of some TLC at the camera hospital.
I'm hoping it's recovery will be speedy.

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Sarah Kearns said...

Fur kids teach as always there are no boxes ;-) humans create those confines. Being the owner of a fur baby gives us the opportunity to break free and see life the way it is meant to be. :-)