Tuesday, 10 December 2013

He was a 'revenue-gathering' machine in action.

“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.” 
~ Arthur Rubinstein
Yes, she was also puzzled by the Traffic Warden's behaviour.
Traffic Wardens have joined the ranks of Dog Wardens
 ... those individuals who hold down jobs that are detrimental to their health.
Sam's trying to add to his bark .... Carol won't be happy.
Detrimental from what perspective you might ask.

Let’s put it this way.  I wouldn’t swerve if one of the aforementioned individuals 
stepped in the path of my moving vehicle ... bicycle or otherwise.  
The Pohutukawa trees are flowering prolifically!
I was going to say ‘speeding car’ .... but I DON’T speed.
My favourite piece of real estate is looking magnificent.

Tiger likes to sit on something.  He knocked this piece of paper
off the arm of the couch then jumped down and lay on it.
I understand the necessity to ensure that vehicles using the road network are capable of being driven safely and aren’t a menace to other road-users.  
What I fail to understand is the mentality that dictates that these officials prowl the residential suburbs in the dawn hours, ticketing those vehicles parked on the road sans a WOF sticker (WOF = Warrant of Fitness).
Yes .... he's weird ... but is it any wonder.
The oldest lemming fell prey to these vultures of the traffic system yesterday.  

My apologies to the Vulture.  Vultures feed on the flesh of  the dead,
 traffic wardens dine on the living.

The oldest lemming recently lost his part-time job so is unemployed ... ditto the significant other ... AND penniless.  His WOF only expired a week ago.  Despite pointing this out to the Traffic Warden, he continued with the ticketing process.  Remove the vehicle from the road, he told me.
My gorgeous bay.

We bought home a huge bunch of balloons from one of the
markets for her.  She popped half the day before ... these are
what were left in the morning.
I should mention at this point that the driveway we share is full of scaffolding.  Our neighbours are doing external alterations which have necessitated scaffolding being erected across the span of the driveway. The Freelander has to breathe IN on the way down to the garages.  The oldest lemming’s vehicle CAN’T breathe in that much without seriously damaging it’s bodywork so is unable to negotiate the driveway. 
It didn't take her long to pop them all!
Not Auckland Council’s problem intoned the Traffic Warden.

There was NO compassion in his voice, 
no understanding in his gaze and DEFINITELY no heart in his body. 
He was a revenue-gathering machine in action.
Playing on the beach in the sunshine today and Sam wants her stick.
I know he has a job to do ... I just wish discretion was part of the job description. 
I wished him a nice day and told him I hoped he WOULDN’T be run over by a car.
There's not enough water to swim in so Sam shook it all over himself.
Grrrrr .... this is my first blog in over a week and all I’ve done is rant about the traffic warden!

At least the photographs are beautiful and tell a story all of their own!
Purpose is the reason you journey.  
Passion is the fire that lights your way.” 
~ unknown
We met up with the gorgeous Panda and his dad at Browns Bay market this weekend.
What a treat it was to say hi to him!
The markets we've been at this week.
Top left - St. Helier's School Christmas Fair.
Top right and bottom left - Christmas Gift Fair at Telecom Building in town
Bottom right - Browns Bay Family Christmas Day out

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